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Whalesong Project Season 10 Complete


Aloha Everyone! Whalesong Project Season 10 of webcasting the live songs of Mauiʻs Koholā has come to an end. The whales are mostly gone now, and itʻs been about a week since I have heard any singing. The buoy lost its mooring this morning. Fortunately our diligent lifeguards at Kamaole I Beach called us and brought her safely to shore. They have been keeping a close eye on her for the last 9 seasons, since we moved to Kamaole I after completing our first season at Maʻalaea Bay. Here they are shown loading the buoy into our truck.


They not only brought her to shore, but also made getting her on the road easier with their special equipment.


Here Wendy Acosta, a Whalesong Project volunteer, assesses the situation with the life guards.

It was John, shown in this picture, who called us and managed the situation. Thank you John, and the rest of your crew. We are deeply grateful.

Now we begin cleaning and painting and various upgrades as we prepare for Season 11. Mahalo to those of you who have sent monetary donations. They allowed us to keep the project going to the end of the season. Any donations towards renovating her so we can get her in early next year are appreciated.


For our German friends

Für unsere deutschen Whalesong-Freunde:

Leider wurde unsere Webseite www.whalesong.info angegriffen und weitestgehend zerstört. Eine neue Webseite aufzubauen übersteigt momentan unsere finanziellen Möglichkeiten. Wir konzentrieren uns auf die neue Saison und hoffen wieder eine Live-Übertragung auf die Beine stellen zu können. Bitte bleibt uns dennoch treu!