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www.whalesong.net - YOU ARE HERE

New music for The Whalesong Project

Kirk Mann, our mainland fan and friend, donated one of his songs to us. He used our 'Kalama Lullaby' recording to compose the wonderful piece of music named 'Blue Blue Hoizon'. You can enjoy it in the section 'Whale songs and music'. "It is written from a whales perspective!" he said, hoping that those who download the song will make a donation to The Whalesong Project. You can support our cause to bring live whalesongs to the world here.

For our German friends

Für unsere deutschen Whalesong-Freunde:

Leider wurde unsere Webseite www.whalesong.info angegriffen und weitestgehend zerstört. Momentan suchen wir intensiv nach einer Möglichkeit eine neue Seite aufzubauen. Mehr Infos im 'The Captain's Log'